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Customised Technologies (P) Ltd. is a vertically integrated, R & D intensive company that designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of innovative products. Our expertise and in-house infrastructure in precision mechanics, electronics, embedded systems, optics, application software, automation, bio-technology and robotics enables us to quickly and reliably bring new products from concept to market.

Over a span of two decades, we have developed more than 200 products targeting diverse engineering fields.

We are a team of 48 highly skilled and motivated personnel who are committed to the highest work ethics, customer service and innovative thinking. Since its incorporation in 1995, Our Company has grown consistently and has exceeded 50% growth in the last few years.

We at Customised Technologies are committed to produce cutting-edge technology products at world-beating prices. To achieve this, we think creatively, carry out intensive R & D and persistently work hard to develop newer products and processes. We work very closely with our customers from the design and development stage itself, thereby achieving holistic product designs that will invariably succeed in the market. Our vision is to create a paradigm shift in the way people think and live.